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Hello darling, introduce yourself 

My name is Aminah. I am self-employed in homemade products, a mother of four and I enjoy jogging, reading, I love cooking and innovating natural oils. 

How long have you been a natural girl? 

My natural hair journey has been a trial of sweat and tears for four years. 

What made you do this choice? 

Feeling let down by the results of perming, affecting my scalp with scabs, breakage, and having to treat my hair from perming. 

Have you ever cut your hair super short or did you ever transition and how did you overcome that? 

I have cut my hair leaving two inches and felt liberated. I’m not afraid to do so again. 

How would you describe your hair texture? 

My hair texture is 4b/4c, high porosity woolly hair. 

Tell us about your hair colour, how did you achieve it and has it affected your hair negatively? 

I have always been one for natural hair colour, making me feel comfortable and beautiful with my own tone, which is dark brown.  

Which products do you use to wash and style your hair? 

Before I used no sulphate shampoos but now I make my own shampoos and conditioners using essential oils and Ghana black soaps. 

What are your favourite hairstyles? 

I use styles that protect my own hair such as crochet, twist outs, and simple head wraps. 

Tell us two things that helped you get the hair that you have now? 

The two things that helped me is protective styling such as crochet and deep conditioning. Protective styling such as crochet, so that I don’t constantly groom my hair on a regular basis, and also using a good protein conditioner such as Aphogee. 

Tell us two don’ts for your hair? 

For my type of hair, high porosity is not to wash/rinse in hot water and not to perm your hair as it changes the texture/quality of your hair. 


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