Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hair needs light weight oils to keep it clear of build up so steer clear from heavy butters and oils. Read more about porosity here. To make sure you gather all the nutrient richness of any oil make sure you get the cold pressed version whenever possible avoiding fractionated oil which has been held in high temperatures for a long time and chemical extraction oils.

Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil– This oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, linoleic acid, minerals. It is a medium weight oil which will nourish your strands and keep your ends supple. Use it lightly warmed up in freshly washed hair.

Grapeseed Oil– By product of wine making this oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E. One of the lightest oils which will nourish your hair in depth without leaving it greasy.

Wheat Germ Oil  Although it is said to have low traces of protein this oil this is a misconception, this oils is mainly vitamin E and fatty acids. I does not work for everyone so give it a try with small amounts at a time.

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Argan Oil– You probably heard about this Moroccan native oil before if not where have you been? It is famous for keeping your hair smooth and frizz free. Its light texture is great for low porosity hair.

Safflower Seed Oil – Known for aiding in hair growth this oil is rich in oleic acid which is capable of safeguarding both scalp and hair. It improves the circulation in scalp thereby stimulating hair growth. Apart from this it also helps in keeping your hair shiny and strong.

Jojoba Oil – This light oil has been used by Native Americans for centuries and is its molecular make up is the closest to your natural sebum produced by your scalp. It helps regulate sebum production, itchy scalp and is wonderful for low porosity hair.

Hemp Seed Oil – Popular light weight oil known for giving you bouncier and softer hair, put a few drops on your deep conditioner and see the difference after a few weeks!

Apricot Oil – Obtained from the kernel of apricots this oil is great for low porosity hair with properties very similar to sweet almond oil.


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