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Hello darling introduce yourself.

Hello my name is Cyrah DeLoatch.  I live in Tarboro, North Carolina and I am a Senior in High School.

How long have you been a fierce natural girl and what made you do this choice?

I have been a Fierce Natural girl since October 2013. My mother Crystal was my inspiration. She decided to go Natural in order to have healthier hair and I wanted to do the same.

Have you ever cut your hair super short or did you ever transition and how did you overcome that?

Yes, my mother decided to big chop my hair after taking out my box braids. The night of my big chop I actually cried because I had never cut my hair up until that point and I was not only concerned about the way others viewed me the way I viewed  myself. I overcame this by loving my new look and not only looking to my mother but observing other women with beautiful natural hair and saying “She is beautiful and so am I.

The Inspiring Mum
The Inspiring Mum

How would you describe your hair texture?

My hair is a mixture of 4a and 4b. A kinky coily texture.

Tell us about your hair colour, how do you achieve it and has it affected your hair negatively?

My hair is naturally dark brown but in past events my mother once lightened my hair with a mixture of peroxide,baking soda and honey. This lightening treatment did not affect my hair in any way.

Which products do you use to wash and style your hair?

Aphogee Curlific Products, I also use Shea butter and Coconut Oil to retain Moisture.

What are your favourite hairstyles?

My favorite hairstyles are Fro-hawk, flat twist up does, Bantu Knots, 2-strand twists, Flexi  & perm rod styles and protective styling like braids. My mother always has new styles for me to try out!

Tell us two things that helped you get the hair you have now.

My mother’s research as well as my own and my mother doing her own hair has helped me as well as Low Manipulation styles.

Tell us 2 don’ts for your hair.

Lots of Heat and not detangling

Where can we find you? 

My Instagram:@CyrahJean



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    Lovely hair story.

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