Ever tried going foundation free and still look fabulous?

Foundation free? You may be asking yourself if is there a possibility of doing so. The truth is that if you have good skin and a youthful look you probably shouldn’t even be using foundation often anyway. Many formulas contain chemicals and skin irritants that can make your face break up in a million of pimples. Even if your skin is far from perfect try using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer which is lighter in texture but still provides enough coverage if you’re too worried about going “naked”. Regardless of the condition of your skin going bare is always good not only allowing your skin to breathe but also giving it an opportunity to regenerate itself. Besides that it is good to feel confident in your own skin and always remember that make-up should be complimentary and not a mask! If you would like to know how to do a natural looking make-up without foundation watch the video bellow from Youtuber Carmen of My Natural Sisters.


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