Johnsons ordered to pay £38 million to woman who got cancer from use of their talcum powder 

If you’re still using Johnson’s products on your babies and yourself you should know they contain cancer causing ingredients. We’re not the only ones saying this. This article is on the Metro Newspaper, Manchester, UK this morning about this woman who died last October Jackie Fox with cancer linked to several years of use of talcum powder from this brand. Another lady Gloria Ristesund also took the company to court for the same reason and it is said they will have to pay £38 million in compensation. The company is currently facing over 1200 similar claims too. The talcum powder is not the only product being scrutinised by the carcinogens contents as their Baby no Tears Head to Toe Shampoo is also on the list but they recently changed some ingredients for the stock used in Europe.

What do you think about this and what should be done to avoid companies poisoning us and our children?


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