Pretty Kinks Luxury Natural Hair Collection

Who are you and what do you do? 

My name is Shukurat Mumuni and I am the founder & CEO of Pretty Kinks (pictured above). Pretty Kinks is an online luxury hair collection specifically designed for black women who are natural, transitioning or just love the natural look. We specialise in providing natural textured hair extensions that seamlessly match and blend with their natural hair texture and curl pattern. We aim to empower black women to embrace their kinks and give them the versatility, choice and freedom with their styling option.

What inspired you to have this idea?

There were a few things which contributed to the birth of Pretty Kinks. When I decided to ‘go natural’ I just assumed that I would be able to find natural looking hair extensions to do weaves and other protective styles in the hair shops. There was plenty of braiding and marley hair but nothing that met my needs. Instead the shops were filled with hair extensions that were of European textures and would clearly not blend with my hair. This got me thinking about why this was. You only had to switch on the TV or look in a magazine to see that black women’s hairstyles were predominantly represented through European textures. Whilst I have no problem with women who choose to relax their hair it got me thinking about the lack of representation of natural hair and natural hair styles in the media.  The final thing was when I thought about my daughter. She has lovely afro textured hair. She will want to experiment with as she gets older because it’s a part of growing up. I didn’t want her to grow up and alter her hair just because she felt her styling options were limited. I want her to grow up seeing kinky hair as normal and no more difficult to manage than any other texture.3 textures homepage

What made you go ahead?

The US is much further along in the natural hair movement. I purchased some natural hair extensions from a US brand and I got hit with a whopping customs charge when it was shipped and I realised that this is simply not sustainable. I think the black hair market has simply ignored women seeking natural textures and especially those with the kinkiest textures. It was in my frustration that I started doing my research to develop my own line of natural hair extensions.


What are the products/services you offer?

The hair is virgin hair that has been steam processed to achieve the afro texture. The collection comes in 3 textures that are aimed at black women with the kinkiest texture hair often described as type 4. ‘The Kinky One’ which is the kinkiest of all 3 textures is densely packed resembling an afro texture. ‘The Coily One’ is type 3/4 tight spirals shaped in a tight ‘S’ pattern and will retain its curl definition whilst still holding the integrity of the kinky look. ‘The Kinky Straight One’ resembles blow dried or heat straightened natural hair. The hair will retain some of its kinky texture even when flat ironed. As it is human hair, it can be treated like you would your own. It can be coloured, flat ironed, curled and blow dried. The collection is available in both clip ins and weft hair. The clip ins are great for when you want something quick and easy or if you want to give your own hair more volume. The weft offers women who want something a little more long term. We will be introducing wigs to our line in the near future.

What advice do you give to other entrepreneurs?

Do your research but ultimately you need to turn those ideas into a reality. Don’t let fear stop you from starting something – Just do it. I often meet people with great ideas and months or even years later they still haven’t don’t anything with it. I carried a picture of a competitor’s product in my wallet for two years and it motivated me to continue each time the going got tough. Be prepared to take risks and be prepared to work hard – damn hard.

Where can we find you?

You can find Pretty Kinks at



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